Our Vision

“The Christian church sings… (The) church that does not sing is not the church.”

 – Reformed theologian Karl Barth

Knox Presbyterian Church is therefore a singing family of faith. We sing, all generations together:

  • to worship God
  • to celebrate God’s blessings in our lives
  • to pray for hope and healing
  • to grow in faith and in love
  • to become a more vibrant, welcoming and inclusive community

At Knox, our worship music includes a blend of traditional and contemporary styles from around the world. We use a pipe organ, piano, handbells and chimes, plus a variety of other instruments. Most of all, we praise God with our voices: we sing songs from Canada to Cameroon, Brazil to Botswana, and everywhere in between, because we all belong to one family; we are all children of God.

We include our children in worship, and they learn to develop and use their musical gifts continuously, with the whole congregation. We also have regular children’s Sundays, special times for presenting music which children practise in our mid-week LOGOS Ministry, about every 6 weeks or so (including our annual Church School Nativity Pageant each December).

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